Amber Lush

I am friendly, happy, and likes to smile, and I want to help you do the same. I see myself as gorgeous, sexy, dynamic, chatty, sociable, and many friends who want to know you fully. I'd want to see beyond your "appearance" and into your true self. Give me your best too. Plus something. I may be wicked while being kind and caring. I enjoyed roleplaying. I can nurture you and absorb your pain in minutes. I can be a mean hool-girl, so be ready to teach me or we could switch positions. Perhaps I could be your secretary. Love to be on top and beneath your desk; I may be the policewoman, so put your hands up and trousers down. I am also qualified for any other position you may consider. I have several skirts, blouses, latex clothes, pantyhose, stockings, high socks, leggings, beautiful dresses, boots, heels, and sandals to choose from. My bedroom grants your wishes—dress me and undress me when the time is right!What can you trust from me in free talk? Humbles. I am bad but intriguing. I like cracking jokes and want you to be cheerful and ready to go. Expect me to torture you, satisfy your needs, and give you the finest experience ever.

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