Annie Wendy

Hello. Nice seeing you. I am Annie.  I am a young and juicy girl, always smiling and ready for action. I am here to rock the party! At the same time, I adore polite men, serious talking guys who have nice stories to tell. Use proper language and make me feel like I am a person with emotions. I adore those who take the time to make friends with me. It makes us being together more fun. I am not always busy in my room, so your words and time are very appreciated. When we are talking, you do not have to impress me with big stories. I want you to be yourself. No need to impress me. I am not always in the mood for long sexy nights, I am sure you have the same feeling. But for this reason, I have a message center on my profile page. So we can schedule something for tomorrow night?

If you like to help me, then become a free fan of my room. It would be nice to see I have new followers, and it can give me some encouragement to make more pictures for you. If you are alone tonight and need someone to be with now, and you are reading this, make sure to stop by my room. If I am not online, please leave me a message.

I hope to learn more about you. I want to be your friend.