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Excuse me! Great to finally meet everyone! It is I, Arisa, who hails from this same spot in the center of Japan. Despite my lack of fluency, I am committed to learning the language and giving it my all in the future. How about we all just get along and enjoy ourselves? You may become a fan of mine and send me notes by signing up at my profile page on SWAG Live. Here's how it works. Because of this, I will be able to converse with you in every language imaginable. I may resort to use a translation program, but it will be solely out of my desire to speak with you. You may see my little introductory film on my profile! If you come to me, I'll show you. Rest assured, I will not bite. Being at SWAG Live has made me feel much more comfortable discussing more explicit topics. I have enormous breasts, which may or may not be significant.

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