Candy Burger 21

The best burger I know until now was the Cheeseburger from Mcdonald’s, but I got to know the taste already before taking a bite, so when searching for some new candy on CherryTV I stumbled into the webcam room of Candy Burger. No mystery here why she used the term Burgers. Just tilt your head 90 degrees and you are looking at a meatpacked burger you can slide your tongue into. Besides being a happy meal on CherryTV, her room has also this free introduction feature, which means you can talk at your own tempo with her without any costs. In this conversation, you and the performer can come to certain agreements, like performing certain sexual acts you both agreed on playing out. So in case you were wondering where the term FREE LIVE SEX Is used so much, it is because it is free to find out if you want to have sex with the model. If yes, you will have to add tokens to your account!