Dana Velez

I see myself as a compassionate individual with a great sense of humor, someone who is open to discussing any subject. Firmly convinced that everything is energy. Always ready for a good time and constantly seeking fun. An attractive Latina who can captivate your imagination, feel free to approach me to learn more about me and I assure you that you will be pleasantly surprised. I enjoy being enticed with descriptive language that transports me to different places and allows me to vividly imagine the stories you share. The buzz, super buzz or gift. I thoroughly enjoy indulging in self-pleasure, and it greatly excites me to know or witness the pleasure you experience because of me. The thought of being seen intensifies my excitement to the point of overwhelming ecstasy. I am filled with excitement in that moment. I sense your presence. If you're not kind, then I feel sorry for you because I am! Show me respect and I will reciprocate! It's important to gather all the necessary information before jumping to conclusions!

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