Gu Zhenzhen

Being a Gemini female air sign, Zhenzhen personifies quirkiness and charm to the highest degree. Her one-of-a-kind style of wild fun permeates every scene she's in, thanks to her quirky sense of humor and natural ability to make others laugh. She loves the mystery and excitement of the hunt as she pursues her dream of being a wildlife photographer who specializes in catching the elusive big-footed Madou. A gregarious butterfly on SWAG Live, she takes comfort in the presence of others and is affectionately called Zhenzhen. Her limitless energy and voracious curiosity are fueled by group shopping trips, unplanned activities, and travel escapades throughout the world. No matter where she travels, from quiet city streets to faraway woodlands, Zhenzhen's infectious enthusiasm for life creates joy and lasting memories. Come to SWAG Live to Meet Gu!

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