Kylie Bales

Hello everyone, Hi, I'm Kylie. I thoroughly enjoy every moment of my existence. I live by the philosophy of savoring each moment. I have a deep appreciation for music, particularly jazz and blues! I am a person who exudes positivity and is always eager to engage in conversations and expand my knowledge. I'm an amateur Stylist-image maker, so I always sport a fresh and unique outfit.The Muse. I used to believe that I had the ability to read people's minds, just like an underwriter. That's why I've never lost a game of Rock, Paper, Scissors, haha! However, my unique talent lies in the ability to interpret facial expressions. By simply observing your facial expressions, I can discern the emotions you're feeling and gain insight into your character. I appreciate witnessing the intensity reflected in your gaze. I enjoy the moments when we make eye contact and feel a strong, undeniable chemistry between us. I enjoy witnessing the unmistakable glimmer of masculinity in a man's eyes, which sends shivers down my spine. I envision his hands swiftly removing my dress, while I passionately press my lips against his neck. I have a strong interest in various aspects of adult play and exploration, including bondage, discipline, domination, role playing, and voyeurism. I also appreciate the aesthetics of lingerie, high heels, and alternative uniforms. Additionally, I enjoy incorporating elements of sports and medical role play into my experiences. Vibrators and handcuffs are among the tools I find particularly stimulating.

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