Puppy Ailen

Hey there, fantastic folks! You are speaking with Erin, a person from the mainland of China. Saving enough to go to Taiwan has been a lifelong goal of mine. I have a lovely C cup that enhances my image; I am 165 cm tall and 46 kg. I was born in 2005. At the dance department, I am pursuing my passion for dancing. Spoiler: I really like being controlled and reined in. It is exhilarating to use my body for performance and to drive you insane. I hope that you find that part of myself appealing. Alright, ground rules: Please refrain from asking someone directly about themselves. Please refrain from requesting paid meetings; I'm really considering it. Nobody wants to hear insults, so please don't. Think about starting private performances or purchasing tickets with a gift (from 1,000 gems). One thousand diamonds are required for each minute of performance. Each personalized video has either five or ten purple and black diamonds each minute, depending on whether it has a face or not. If I want to keep my free live broadcasts private, I'll wear a mask. Once the money is made, I will gladly take off the mask. To newcomers, I will provide a kind greeting. There will be no empty farewells on Mondays since we will be off. Maintain a welcoming and optimistic atmosphere!

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