Violet Portman

Hi, I'm Violet Porman. I thoroughly enjoy music and having a great time. I'm delighted to meet and engage in conversations with individuals from all around here. I appreciate individuals who show kindness and respect, as I believe in reciprocating those qualities. I also identify as bisexual. I can be adventurous and I'm always open to trying new things, so don't hesitate to ask. However, there are also certain activities that I enjoy when I'm in the mood for them. In my spare time, I enjoy immersing myself in the fields of sexology, psychology, and dance. Additionally, I find entertainment in playing games and indulging in a variety of shows, including both lighthearted and educational content on platforms like YouTube and documentaries. I have always had a deep desire to explore every corner of the globe. I enjoy it when you whisper naughty things in my ear while pleasuring me, and when you pleasure me orally with passion. I have a strong dislike for individuals who expect free entertainment. If your initial message is disrespectful and derogatory, it would be best to refrain from sending it. I prefer interacting with individuals who display basic manners and courtesy by simply saying hello. I find pleasure in engaging in activities such as hair pulling, anal play, using sex toys, practicing discipline and domination, foot play, wearing lace, self-stimulation, oral sex, spanking, engaging in role playing, using various toys and vibrators, wearing sexy underwear, and exploring anal play.

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