Alyssa Simons

My name is Alyssa, and I am 40 years. I am an older woman, but very young in heart and mind. I keep myself active and distracted. I am not sad, I am always happy. I do not spread anger, I give love to everyone. I am not judging you for your sexual pleasures, I am here to increase them and make them happen. I am not going to be a bitch, I am kind and soft and sweet. I am not lying, I love honesty and God is my witness when I say I will be honest with you. I have experience, and this is not something I dislike. I know a lot of tricks, and spots that need attention. I will find your Gspot in moments. I will give you what you want, as close as it gets to reality!

I will perform for you a nice live sex show. Visit me in my room.