Erica Copola

I consider myself a pretty intense woman, I am perseverant and I try my best until I succeed, you can find in me a really honest and direct person, I love to speak the truth and to be transparent, and to be my best version all the time, in me, you can find a nice connection, a really fun and interesting time, many smiles and enjoyment together. If you are a generous person with manners and humor, then you will instantly find a friend in me. I like to be kind and nice to people around me who admire me. It takes 2 to tango! Last summer, I traveled. Maybe I have seen fans who recognized me. Maybe I flirted with someone who admired me, the pictures I made of those travels are now on my profile page. If you have never seen me before, you should join my room as a fan. You will get notifications when I am online!

Looking forward to meeting you in life… and online!