Kate Note

My name is Kate, nice seeing you here. I am here to tell you a little about myself. I am 22, and I have big brown eyes. I am romantic, and I love guys who are nice and respectful to me. People are kind and warm here, and I am one of those people too. I am happy to be nice, I do not believe in negative words. Make nice compliments, make a person feel appreciated. For a few weeks, it is not easy to read the news and see the media. It does not mean I do not care, but sometimes I care much!

In my live cam bedroom, there is me, a set of clothes, soft pillows, and some of my most precious toys. I am always in a happy mood when I am online. Give me some of your time, tell me about yourself. I like to hear life stories. I like people with humor. Can you make me smile? If you are watching me in my room, and you like me, say HELLO to me.

Are you shy? Don’t be. When we get to talk you’ll start loving me.