Molly Roxy

Hello. I am here to rock your mind. I am innocent in free chat. I have very good reasons for this. I like to separate my private life from my social life. And when I have to be here in a free chat room, then we socialize and not talk about sex. If you, however, think you can have a nice experience with me cause I am such a sweet girl, then I will not stop you from hitting the private button and taking me to a more secluded space where you and I can be who we want to be.

When you decide to visit me in my room, please respect my room rules. You can speak to me with nice words. You can use respect, and you will use compliments to make me smile. When you show at least this kind of effort, then I think we will have a chance to become friends and I will allow you to be private with me. I can also refuse private requests. Sometimes I am not in the mood to be with strangers. I have emotions too, and if you don’t have time for them you should find someone else.

I will be a kind person. You will be kind. We will be okay! Let’s talk!