Pola Gayos

Hi, I am Pola. Nice to see you all here. I am happy to introduce myself to you. I am about to start my second life as a live cam performer. I am happy to be here and thank you for your interest. What do I have to offer I hear you ask? Well, like many other girls on this site, I offer you a moment with me. A moment in where you and I can take off our clothes and admire each other naked while God is turning his head for a moment. I am a single lady myself. Relationships have not brought me the comfort I was hoping for, but after a week of being here, I know that there is a new level of being with someone, online and safe. While exploring our own minds without the fear of being judged.

I offer private exclusive moments with myself. You can have this experience with me, and I will make sure you will always look back at our moments with a smile. When you take me private, you and I will be alone, no one will watch us. Whatever you say or ask me to do, I will it for you alone! I like it when a man is nice talking with me. It makes me feel more comfortable. I hope you understand that I love it when you are kind and warm with me. It helps me to relax and be more willing to do what you tell me to do.

I hope you will take me private, I will make you a happy person!